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Preggy Love

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Preggy Love Others

  • Protect Fetus
  • Prevent Low Blood
  • Prevent Miscarriage
  • Strengthening Uterus
  • Prevent Uterus Collapse

How does preggy love help to strengthen the uterus without medication:

Vitex content has a high potential to thicken the inner layer of the uterus during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle in preparation for receiving embryos resulting from ovum fertilization and sperm and strengthening the uterine muscles. If pregnancy occurs, Preggy Love will act to main-tain and nourish the thickness of the uterine wall in the early stages of pregnancy until delivery.

Preggy Love is made of 100% Low Fat Milk, Saffron Extract, Almond Pure Powder, Vitext Extract and Red Raspberry Extract.

With this, Preggy Love is enriched with Folic Vitamins and DHA (dehydrogenese) which will help maintain the ovum egg DNA to mature with-out any defects in the fetus. Preggy love is also specially developed to solve the problem of women who have an unstable menstrual hormone where progesterone is too low and estrogen is too high to carry disease in the womb. The condition of such hormones that causes infec-tion is very easy for the uterus to carry problems such as cyst, PCOS, fibroids and so on.

Preggy love will stabilize the hormones estrogen and progestrons at the same level. When this hap-pens, women will have regular menstruation, the uterus is free from infection and successfully getting pregnant until it is delivered.


100% Pure Milk, Almond Pure Powder, Vitex Extract, Red Raspberry Extract, Saffron Extract

Nutrition Information

Serving Size : 10g (2 scoops)
Serving Per Can : 30 Servings

Average Amount Per Serving Per 100g
Total Carbohydrate 11.2 gm 74.6 gm
Energy 70 kcal (300kj) 467 kcal (1953.9kj)
Vitamin C 60 mg 400 mg
Fat 0 gm 0 gm
Protein 0.8 gm 5.3 gm
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